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Secure | Trace | Check

Ensure the traceability, integrity, durability and evidential value of your documents.

Employee information, financial data, legal data, contracts and other sensitive documents require secure and organized processing, capable of ensuring data security and governance and complying with laws.

Securely process, track, anonymize, archive and organize documents to prevent litigation issues, data leakage and loss, and to benefit from the advantages of paperless technology.

Finally, the digital signature is the cryptographic process that identifies the signatory and guarantees the integrity of the signed document. The electronic signature is governed by the European eIDAS regulation.

Scope of a compliance project

A comprehensive approach

Framing and inventory of fixtures
Definition of an action plan


Implementation of the DPO roadmap
Data protection impact assessments on the basis of CNIL directives
Raising employee awareness
Amendments to contracts

Legal Archiving

Archiving of all documents,
regardless of their date, form and medium.

Electronic signature

Three types of electronic signatures adapted to regulatory needs: simple signature, advanced signature, qualified signature.

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Key Benefits

Comply with compliance standards

Be prepared in the event of an accident or claim

Adopting a paperless environment

Simplify audit preparation

Technical expertise


Functional support :

  • Archiving policy
  • Management tables
  • File plan
  • Conservation Policy
  • Archiving charter

Technical support :

  • Support for paper archiving with our leading partners in this field
  • Timestamp
  • Integrity applied by a footprint calculation
  • Sealing
  • Security: archiving on 2 active / active sites

Our customers’ data is hosted in France, all technical and organizational security measures are ensured.

Technological environment


Arondor is a partner of market leaders for the implementation of electronic signature projects:

  • Docusign
  • Design
  • Signdoc

Partnerships on archiving :

  • Locarchives
  • Everial
  • CDC Arkhineo

Editor of the ARender viewer allowing to anonymize personal data.

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