Agile integration

Deploy new projects and services with innovation, collaboration, and flexibility.


  • Needs analysis.
  • Accompanying change.
  • Modeling.
  • Implementation recommendations.
  • Functional referent.
  • Definition of business modules.


  • Steering and project management.
  • Culture of commitment (package or agility).
  • Technical and functional expertise.
  • Feature catalog.
  • Co-construction programs.
  • Cloud expertise (DevOps, IaaS/SaaS).

With agile integration, Arondor supports its customers to create value and adapt to changes and the environment.

Knowledge inherited from numerous ECM projects, coupled with best practices, guarantees real operational efficiency, the achievement of business objectives, and user acceptance.

Yesterday’s borders no longer exist. So, how do we go further?

  • Achieve better quality projects and products.
  • Detect the brakes before, during, and after.
  • Gaining a better understanding of final needs.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • To be a forerunner, an inventor.

And do it over and over again!
Which allows us, every day, to go further:

  • A close-knit team with a very low turnover that allows us to capitalize on our knowledge.
  • A culture of sharing and collaboration.
  • A spirit of project success above all and critical.
  • Proximity to our customers.
  • The promotion of plurality.

Above all, we must keep and cultivate this spirit of innovation, to continue to invent the future of our domain together.

Technical Director

From first pilot to deployment

Companies in the digital transformation movement must adopt new methods of integration and deployment in order to quickly benefit from the advantages of the cloud and all related services (catalogue of microservices, hybrid model, etc…).

The classical approach to integration no longer exists.​
The Cloud frees up existing architecture and development models.
Integration becomes smarter, more collaborative, and flexible.

Method and agility

The Agile Scrum methodology, for example, makes it possible to quickly integrate applications into an ever-changing heterogeneous landscape with rapid and visible results.

We know how to mobilize the different profiles and expertise required and adjust the size of the team to each phase of the project or each iteration (Sprint/Release).

The final target is refined and improved with each iteration. 

The steering bodies and methods that we propose are adapted to the proposed methodology.  We bring commitment with strict coordination with your teams in order to succeed with the project.

Precursor integrator

Forerunner of new technologies, Arondor was the first integrator to implement Kofax’s KTA suite in France.

Arondor is at the forefront of the Cloud and has been rapidly adopting and democratizing Cloud technologies in its field for many years and has developed its offer in full SaaS model.

Early Adopter” approach with our partners ABBYY named as a leader in the “Intelligent Document Processing Products PEAK Matrix® 2020” report and UiPath market leader in business process robotics.

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