Consulting & Innovation

Master the fields of application and uses of dematerialization to achieve your digital transformation.


  • Studies: Business cases, Framing and impact analysis.
  • Audit: Usage, Business and Technical Best Practices.
  • ROI identifications.
  • Process Mapping and Deployment.
  • Compliance approach.


  • Internal Laboratory, Laborondor, dedicated to product and business innovation.
  • Integration of Big Data and AI technologies on new business uses.
  • RPA, AI, IoT, Big Data and new data processing algorithms partnerships.


  • Cloud/SaaS operator.
  • Cloud migration strategy.
  • Integration of Big Data and AI (Automatic Classification, Content Analysis and Decision Support) technologies.
  • Image and Voice recognition of documents.

Arondor supports and advises its customers in the digital transformation of dematerialization.

Our experience of feedback on projects (framework, best practices, tools, architecture models, uses, solutions…) constitutes our capital knowledge. It is this expertise that we share with you.

For you, Arondor mobilizes all its experience and know-how to analyze, understand, and rationalize all the application and sector specificities of your organization.


  • Accelerate the collection, enrichment and analysis of your data.
  • Define the metrics and criteria for your goals and successes.
  • Integrate the latest proven technology.
  • Discover and create new opportunities to enrich your transformation.

Focus on innovation

  • With a permanent team of consultants totally dedicated to innovation and R&D.


  • With our project feedback and customer experiences on our digital and IoT expertise.


  • With a team of engineers/researchers, dedicated to customers and sectors, focused on your needs.
  • Sharing of goals.
  • Choice of use cases and opportunities business.
  • Identification of solutions and necessary infrastructure.
  • Calculation of the quantitative (financial) and qualitative ROI.
  • Deployment of pilots and generalization.
  • Appropriation of uses and results by the trades.
  • Support in the rise in skills and customer tooling.
  • Identification of areas for improvement and optimization, etc…
  • Organisation of innovation workshops: opportunity study, idea generation, problem solving, experience feedback… etc.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence

AI complements all types of current projects. 

Often under used, AI is one of the strong axes of improvement for your projects. Coupled with Big Data technologies, it allows you to enhance all your numerical and textual data.

  • Fraud detection.
  • Prediction of purchases and prices.
  • Decision support in business processes.
  • Creation of product and service recommendation systems.
  • Optimization of helpdesk.
  • Reading legal documents to extract provisions using natural language.
  • Processing and prioritization of e-mails.
  • Management of billing issues …

Cloud Zoom / Ops

The world of the Cloud offers new perspectives with infinite extensions. Several of our clients have taken the step.

Experiments formerly reserved for large structures are now accessible to all, thanks to the architecture and Web Services Catalogue of Cloud actors.

Use cases, whose integration is facilitated and accelerated from its platforms, are emerging and will become tomorrow’s standards. The possibilities offered are then exponential.

  • Automation of infrastructure construction and deployment with CloudFormation, TerraForm, Ansible (Infrastructure as Code ).
  • Design, implementation of SaaS, Public/Private Cloud or Hybrid solutions.
  • Administration (Monitoring, Alerting, Monitoring of prod,SysOps…).
  • Development based on serverless technologies (Lambda, SNS, SQS, Gateway API…).
  • Implementation of infrastructures based on Kubernetes/Docker or Openshift.
  • Use of Machine Learning and AI Cloud services to analyze Ops issues.
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