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Turning data into assets.
Digitizing business processes.

Need to innovate your documentary projects?

Innovate to stand out from the crowd

Dematerialize your incoming, circulating and outgoing document flows

Reduce your costs and reveal a ROI

Fluidify your internal and external exchanges

Accelerate with our Cloud SaaS solutions

Optimize customer relations and follow-up and get your customers to buy in

Comply by securing and tracking your documents and processes

Boost your ECM systems

Better information management for your strategic issues


Scanning – Capture – LAD – RAD – OCR – IA – Electronic Filing – Electronic Archiving

Electronic document management

DMS – DAM – Task Management

Business Process Management

Workflows – Case Management

Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation –  IA – IoT


Electronic Signature – Evidentiary Archiving – Security – RGPD

Are you looking for recognized know-how, best practices and unique field experience?

Our team helps you create value with your content. A value and result-oriented team

Functional and technical expertise

As a well-known specialist, Arondor brings together all the components and technical skills from the design to the implementation of your global solution.

To guarantee you the benefit from the best technological base with our publisher partner ecosystem.

With the R & D and Innovation Center, we integrate IoT, AI, RPA, reporting to accelerate usage.

Audit / Consulting
SaaS – PaaS
Change management

Software Publisher

Arondor capitalizes on its working experiment and on the customer feedback, to develop its software and build its solutions.

The content viewer to better visualize and manipulate large volumes of documents.

Document management solutions to bring a new approach oriented towards use and simplicity.

The ETL meets the needs of migration and mass injection of documents.

Service Center

Delivery onshore, nearshore, offshore
Shared, dedicated or mixed service centre
More than 1400 m2 of platforms dedicated to projects
3 secure sites : Paris, Orleans and Tunis
High-performance tools & infrastructures

Business expertise

Mutual Insurance
Banks and Financial Institutions
Public Sector & OPCO

Our team helps you create value with your content

Support from A to Z: help with choice, advice, implementation, application maintenance.

An ecosystem made up of the best technological partners capable of carrying out the project.

The understanding of your business as the best way to accompany you towards efficiency.

The coverage of all your functional needs with a long-lasting solution./p>

An agile offer that integrates change management to improve operational efficiency.

A presence across the entire ECM value chain: integrator, publisher, MOA, MOE, service center and BPO.

An innovative and cutting-edge approach to the Cloud.

A method: focus on the ROI of the project, its flexibility and speed of implementation.

An R&D pole of recognized experts in the dematerialization and RPA market.

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