Solution design

We are a usage aggregator and build user-oriented business solutions based on customer experiences.

Packaged solutions

We verticalize the uses to build business solutions closest to your needs.

  • Flower Courrier Cloud: to manage all the mail received by your organization.
  • E-Envelope: to manage all your business and internal processes within an application that can be administrated by businesses with 0 lines of code.

Innovative solutions

We embark on a journey of progress towards a better and simpler world thanks to technology.

  • Real-Time Capture
  • Document and data recognition
  • AI Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • RPA Robotic Process Automation (RDA, Cognitive).

Open Source Solutions

We integrate Open Source technologies to build new generations of EDM solutions.

  • Elastic Search
  • Marklogic.

We forge privileged partnerships with universities and engineering schools.

Focus on packaged email solutions

Arondor builds generic modules to respond to business uses related to the circulation of internal and external company information. This is how the FlowerDocs mail management solution offering was created.

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Focus on solutions


Flower Courrier Cloud is a mail management solution.
The solution natively has a pre-packaged mail distribution workflow.
Easy to set up, Flower Courrier Cloud allows you to go into production in a few days.
The solution allows the automatic distribution of mail within your organization, it also allows you to delegate the processing of mail in case of absence.
Because activity management is an essential function, the solution allows department managers and directors to manage their activity through native and specific reports.


e-Enveloppe is a solution for the creation of workflow without a line of code.

Open to external users, you will be able to securely share information and/or documents with your customers, suppliers, and partners.

Equipped with a folder view, you will have access to all your documents for a client in just a few clicks.

E-Enveloppe is a full web interface and therefore allows mobility, whether you are teleworking or on the move, you will always be able to access your information wherever you are and from any type of terminal.

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